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  • ions on C●hinese firms could d●rive up 5G 〓costRestrict〓ions on Ch○inese firms c◆ould drive up 5G cos◆t06-10-2019 09:○41 BJTEurope ■would have to 〓pay an extra 55■ billion eu●ros ($62 billio〓n) for 5G netwo●r
  • ks and suf■fer an 18-month◆ technology delay〓 if it bans telec■om equipment purcha〓ses from top Chinese〓 manufacturers,■ according to an ○industrial rep○ort.The report by○ the GSM A■ssociation, which re●presents 750 mobile◆ o

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all● of the shift from○ 3G and 4G net○works to 5G in E●urope while honorin●g contracts ■already signe◆d in No
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